Frequently Asked Questions

Where will donations be tracked?
We will disclose on social networks the total amount each country has provided to the charity Save the Children so you know how your contribution is helping make a change for a good cause.
What is ISEN? 
ISEN is a University Faculty, Vocational Training Centre and School of Languages and Cultures, all in the same place. We provide education to national and international students looking for high quality learning.
Why just 10€?
Before COVID-19 struck we were already planning on creating our International Summer Camp. It was going to include accommodation and trips around the south of Spain, which would make it more expensive. However, we understand that the situation has changed and we want to help as much as we can to those in need. We therefore thought we could charge a lower fee and donate all the money we collect to charity.
What is the timetable? 
Courses will be held during the week of July 20-24th. For the full schedule and timetable click on the link COURSES, where you will find the details and a description of all the activities.
What if I’m not in the Spanish time zone? 
No problem! Everything is going to be recorded so that everyone can access the content. If during the viewing you have a question, we are also providing the contact details of the teachers so you can ask them directly.
What language is going to be spoken during the courses? 
English. Our professors will adapt their speech so everyone with B2 can understand them. If you are not sure about whether that’s your level or want to revise before the workshops, we’re also providing English courses and 1:1 consultations. Of course, our Spanish for foreigners courses will be given in Spanish. For more information on our language and exam preparation courses, send an email to
What happens if I have problems joining the course? Just send us an email at and we will give you a hand in solving the issue.
Can I study other courses at ISEN? 
We would love to have you join any of our university, vocational training or language courses, online or in person! Have a look at our webpages and or send us an email at
What happens if I miss a class? 
Don’t worry, everything is going to be recorded and accessible, so if you’re late or miss a workshop, you can watch everything later.
Do I have to be a university student to join the camp? 
Not at all! Our International Summer Camp is open to everyone interested in any of the varied topics we’re offering.
Do I need to download any complicated online programmes? 
During the course we are going to use our own user-friendly virtual campus plus a free videoconference platform so you don’t have to worry about any technological issues.